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Stop wasting time and money on content that doesn't do anything for you. We create content that clicks with customers and works to amplify your message. Whether you want to clear up misconceptions about your business, get your name out there more or take the tiresome task of social media management off your hands, we can help.

We have a track record of getting impressive results for brands, with our content achieving 250% higher engagement than industry benchmarks. 

Intergalactic Content's specialist content marketing studio in Brisbane creates and shares content and products that are enlightening, exciting and entertaining. Our team helps brands connect with customers in deep and meaningful ways, converting them into loyal, long-term customers who help grow your business with positive word of mouth.

How? By researching trending questions and searches related to your field, understanding which channels will work best for your brand and when, where, why and how your customers are viewing those channels. This allows us to take a strategic approach to content marketing plans, development and placement, getting you the best value for your investment.

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Educate and inform people.


Our truth tellers reveal the soul of your brand. We stimulate and inspire curiosity and quench the human thirst for knowledge. 


Inspire people to act.


Our visionaries create buzz around your brand. We ignite the imagination and highlight the aspirations your brand fulfils. 


Connect with people’s emotions.


Our storytellers bring your brand to life. We give products and services meaning in the framework of relevant, relatable narratives. 

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What is

Content Marketing?

People don’t actively seek-out advertisements; they search for content.


Content marketing is focussed on creating and delivering the very content your target market is seeking. It’s a deep and powerful way for brands to connect with motivated consumers on their terms. It pulls people in, rather than pushing a message onto them. While traditional advertising messaging still holds a place in the marketing mix, content is key to creating stronger bonds between customers and brands. 


Content marketing inspires your audience like never before. It’s great value for money and can work for you for years beyond when it’s produced. If you deliver relevant, consistent content that’s packed with personality it will motivate people to take the action you want.

Take, for example, a paint brand. Customers are searching for tips on how to do a neat DIY paint job, how much paint do they need for one room, ideas on colours that go well together and so on. So, instead of just running ads about how great your paint brand is, you can provide the content people want in the form of DIY instructional videos, interactive paint volume calculators, and example colour palettes from your new range. Suddenly you’re building an audience of people who trust your brand, your expertise and have seen how great your products work.


In order to be effective, every piece of content should be at least one of three things: enlightening, exciting, entertaining. Teach your customers something new, ignite their imaginations and entertain them. They'll love you for it. 


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