7 Reasons to Strategically Plan Your Content Mix 


Strategic content planning saves your business time and money in the long term. 



You can relax, assured your efforts will work for you with a sound strategy in place. 



Your team will always know the right move to make with a strategy to guide them. 


Strategic planning ensures consistency of branding - essential for growing brand awareness. 



Good strategic plans ensure your efforts are effectively reaching the right audiences.



Basing plans on facts and data helps you avoid the pitfalls of subjective marketing choices.



Planning helps you avoid reactive campaigns, instead focussing on timely, relevant content. 

What elements should I consider including in my strategic plan?

* Brand names * Brand promises * Brand strategy * Campaign messaging * Case studies * Charts and graphs * Communications strategies * Customer profiles * Customer and supplier interviews * Mystery shopper reports * Marketing calendars * Marketing strategies * Mind Maps * Naming * Photos * Pitch Documents * Portfolios * Presentations * Reports * Research data * Resources * Scripts * Slogans * Style guides *  Templates * Training materials * 

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