7 Reasons to Include Audio in Your Content Mix 


Developing audio content gives your brand a voice and enhances your personality. 



Audio platforms are highly targeted, allowing you to connect with specific, niche audiences.



Audio content is wonderful for brands that want to reach people on an emotional level. 



Audio is relatively affordable to produce and if well made, can be used for years to come. 



People listening to audio, report being open to and engaged with messages from brands.



Radio is just one platform alongside innovative media like digital streaming and podcasts. 



Audio content gives you a great opportunity to educate, entertain and excite people. 

What audio content should I consider developing for my brand? 

* Advertisements * Audio Books * Competitions * Downloadable resources * Games * Giveaways * Guides * Instructions and ‘How to’s * Interviews * Jingles * News * Opinion pieces * Podcasts * Predictions * Presentations * Q and As * Quizzes * Radio ads * Reviews * Speeches * Training materials * Webinars * 

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