7 Reasons to Include Digital in Your Content Mix 


Costing less than traditional media, digital is highly affordable for businesses of all sizes.



Many digital platforms make it easier to track, monitor and measure campaign results. 



Digital offers so many creative ways to connect and you can usually adjust creative anytime.



Digital content is available online all the time, even working for you while you’re sleeping. 



There are great options for targeting online content to very specific, niche audiences.



Audiences love to have their say, engage and interact with brands on digital platforms.



More and more people conduct all of their shopping online, making digital great for RoI. 

What digital content should I consider developing for my brand? 

* Advertisements * Articles * Blogs * Brochures * Cartoons and illustrations * Case studies * Catalogues * Charts and graphs * Competitions * Day in the life * Direct eMail * Downloadable resources * eBooks * Fact sheets * FAQs * Forms * Games * Giveaways * Glossaries * Guides * Infographics * Instructions and ‘How to’s * Interviews * Jingles * Letterhead * Linkedin profiles * Lists* Manuals * Memes * Mind Maps * News * Newsletters * Offers * Opinion pieces * Photos * Podcasts * Polls * Portfolios * Predictions * Presentations * Printables * Q and As * Quizzes * Reports * Research data * Resources * Reviews * Search engine marketing * Show reels * Slideshows * Social media advertising * Surveys * Timelines * Tools * Training materials * Videos and vlogs * Webinars * Websites * White papers *

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