7 Reasons to Include Print in Your Content Mix 


People engage with it for longer than other channels, giving you more time to tell your story. 



It’s a physical, tactile representation of your brand that builds solid awareness.



Professionally developed printed materials establish credibility and build high levels of trust.  



Printed content is retained, staying in businesses and homes for months and even years. 



People commonly pass on and share the content with colleagues, friends and family. 



Print advertising and marketing can be highly targeted to reach specific, niche audiences. 



Wealthier consumers and those who prefer luxury brands also have a preference for print. 

What printed content should I consider developing for my brand? 

* Articles * Awards submissions * Billboards * Brochures * Business cards * Cartoons and illustrations * Case studies * Catalogues * Charts and graphs * Collector cards or collectable sets * Direct mail * Fact sheets * Flyers * Forms * Games * Glossaries * Guides * Infographics * Instructions and ‘How to’s * Leave-behinds * Letterhead * Lists* Magazines * Manuals * Merchandise * Newsletters * Offers * Opinion pieces * Outdoor ads * Photos * Pitch Documents * Point of sale displays * Portfolios * Posters * Presentations * Q and As * Quizzes * Reports * Research data * Resources * Reviews * Sales collateral and materials * Style guides * Surveys * Training materials * White papers 

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