7 Reasons to Include Video in Your Content Mix 


People love video content and rank it as their favourite way to receive information. 



It’s a creative way to connect with the emotions and inspire people to act.



Video is a great way to explain complex ideas and educate people about your brand.



Search engines love video, so including it can help you appear in customers’ search results. 



Use video content to entertain people and they won’t want to tune out your message. 



You can say a lot in a short time with just a few moving images, words and soundtrack.



Video content expresses your brand’s personality, appealing to likeminded people. 

What video content should I consider developing for my brand? 

* Advertisements * Animations * Behind the Scenes * Case studies * Catalogues * Charts and graphs * Competitions * Day in the life * FAQs * Giveaways * Glossaries * Guides * Infographics * Instructions and ‘How to’s * Interviews * Jingles * Lists * News * Offers * Opinion pieces * Polls * Portfolios * Predictions * Presentations * Q and As * Quizzes * Reports * Research data * Resources * Reviews * Sales collateral and materials * Scripts * Show reels * Slideshows * Social media advertising * Speeches * Timelines * Training materials * TV commercials * Videos and vlogs * Webinars *