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Intergalactic Content exists to give people a sense of belonging and connection. We captivate the imagination and connect with the emotions through playful, joyous, timely, spontaneous, out of the box, fun and quirky, personality-filled concepts. We create and share content that is enlightening, exciting and entertaining. 

The business is the first of its kind in Brisbane. We service clients around Queensland, Australia and in the English-speaking world. We excel at brainstorming and thinking outside the box, finding clever ways around obstacles, and having fun while getting work done.

On target, on time, 

original creative content 


Researching >> Learning >> Understanding

Master your universe and

eclipse your competition


Talk to us from almost anywhere! We conduct meetings over Skype, Zoom and other video platforms to save you time, effort and money. It's easy to submit jobs and request amendments through email and phone too. While face-to-face meetings can be arranged, this cost-effective approach drastically reduces our consultation fees.


If you have a rush-job, or you're outside our time zone, we can often arrange for the team to work outside the usual office hours. Of course if a deadline is simply impossible to meet even if we work 24/7, we'll give you a realistic idea of how quickly we could get it done, without sugar coating it. 


Our team comes from a wide range of disciplines including advertising, the performing arts, marketing, digital media, journalism, filmmaking, comedy and traditional media such as TV and radio. We regularly collaborate with some of the best creative talent in the world. 


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Intergalactic Content is a content marketing agency based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and servicing clients across the English-speaking world. 


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