Content Marketing: Where to Start

You know you need to get into some content marketing in order to keep your business competitive and maintain a good rank for your website. So where do you start? A lot of businesses just update the website and social channels in an ad hoc manner. The best content marketers, however, follow a process that is more likely to lead to success.  




When we work with clients, we spend time really getting to know the business. The more you know about the brand’s personality, niche and unique strengths, the better. It’s also important to understand weaknesses and challenges, areas for improvement and opportunities. Taking an honest and unbiassed look at the brand is vital to solving problems and developing a strategy for growth. 

Market research 


The next step we take is to research the landscape in which the business operates. We analyse the competitors, customers, potential areas for growth, untapped markets and industry forecasts. Only by understanding the consumer and competitive landscape can you effectively communicate your unique place in it to the right people in the right media and format. 




In this phase, we brainstorm creative solutions to help our clients meet their goals. Our solutions are based on solid research into what content the target market is actively searching for and our experience of what has worked for other clients. We may also need to develop some specific campaign messaging or to help a client develop a brand style guide before we can move forward with consistency. 




The best of the ideas developed during brainstorming are then placed into a content calendar plan. In this phase we look at the media consumption habits of the target market and match the right types of content to these tastes. So, on days the target market is most likely to act, we place content with the strongest call to action. On the days they want to be amused, we entertain them. 




A lot of people want to skip directly to this phase and who can blame them? The content is the exciting part. This is the phase in which videos are produced, articles written, photos taken, designs created, hashtags chosen and so on. Our research and development process provides us with clear guidelines and direction for creating content that will be most effective in helping clients reach their goals. 




Once content is created and planned, it can be scheduled for launch. The Intergalactic team schedules content to launch on the right day, time and platform to reach the target market. Some platforms have inbuilt scheduling tools you can use. Another option is to choose a third-party provider that allows you to upload and schedule content to launch across multiple platforms. 


The last phase that a lot of people skip is to review your results. When you have insights from your content efforts you can hone future plans to work even better for your brand. 


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