Video Content on Any Budget

Fewer than ten years ago, it took a lot of time, money and planning to develop video content for your brand. The bills were always in the tens of thousands of dollars, at that’s on the lower end of the production scale. Now, just about anyone can create video content for their brand. Most smartphone users will be familiar with how to shoot video, but that hardly competes on a professional level. So, what are the benefits and pitfalls of these ‘professional quality’ video creation platforms and where can you find them?



These are in no particular order and nor do we wish to strongly endorse anyone in case they go and do something stupid in the future that’s totally out of our control. Okay, disclaimer aside, there are a few relatively user friendly, cheaper options out there to help you get your video production freak on: 

* Promo ToonlyDoodly * Ripl * Viddyoze * Lumen5 * Clipman 2.0 *


These providers all require varying degrees of skill and a decent computer and internet connection if you don’t want to wind up swearing at the screen. Most are monthly subscription based, though a few have special one-off payment options on sale at the time of writing. Naturally, you get what you pay for, with the best features available to those with deeper pockets. A few platforms go so far as to support your marketing calendar, help with scheduling and even analytics. That can be handy, but also a bit redundant if you’re already accessing those tools elsewhere. Some allow you to inject your own photos and video content into their templates, while others are limited to images and footage on their platforms. 




  • Video is extremely engaging, and it’s proven to work as a conversion tool.Well-made videos improve brand perceptions, can make your business appear bigger, more trustworthy and more professional.

  • It can be exciting and fun to create your own videos for your brand.

  • It’s generally faster to make your own videos on these platforms than to do a professional shoot. 

  • Consumers actively search for video content online. 

  • Good for businesses that have more time than money to spend on marketing. 




  • Pretty much every explainer video on these sites mentions how quick and easy it is to use, but real talk: it will take time to make a good video on any platform.

  • If your competitors have a subscription, you’re likely to wind up creating almost identical content to each other. 

  • The cheapest subscription options are limited in their features and tools.

  • It can be easy to get caught in a subscription you’re not using as much as you’d originally anticipated. Careful what you agree to pay. If you are unsubscribing before the end of a free trial, set a calendar reminder to ensure you cancel in time. 

  • No good for businesses that have more money than time to spend on marketing. 


Mum always says, “You get what you pay for” and that’s true of video production. If budget permits, it’s still worth paying for a professional to do the job. You can see the difference between something made on a template and a unique video created just for your brand. 


While these platforms can create a slick end product, you do need to have an eye for design and time to do the editing. Plus, not everyone is great at script-writing and some brands even unintentionally break advertising laws when writing their own scripts. So even if you’re happy making your own videos, it can be worth engaging a professional writer. If you’re writing your own, make sure you’re familiar with the advertising laws in your region. 


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