Why outsource content creation?


You’ve built a business to the point where you know you need to deliver content to compete, but you don’t have the resources to DIY. It takes time to create quality content, especially when you do it right. Great content starts with insights, research, strategy and planning. Then the content is developed before being uploaded and scheduled for launch. When you’re busy running your business, content is usually created and uploaded at random. Ask yourself, is it content your target market wants? Is it relevant, timely and on brand? Is it launched on the right day, time and platform to get results? If not, you may be wasting your time. 


Unless your company is massive, you’re unlikely to need a full-time employee to handle your content. Many businesses can save substantial money, effort and time by choosing to outsource. Even if you have a marketing team, most are too busy as it


is to take on the added burden of content. There’s no need to overstretch your internal team and risk losing good people. There’s also less commitment, allowing you to shop around for the perfect fit for your brand. Plus, you can easily increase or decrease the amount of content you’re developing without worrying about ‘creating busy work’ for a fulltime hire to justify their existence. 



Sometimes people get so close to a brand it’s hard to see the next strategic solution. People can sometimes get stuck in their ways or hobbled by a legacy of some kind. When their jobs could be at stake, teams may start to tell you what they think you want to hear, instead of their true professional opinion. Outsourcing gives you a fresh perspective on the brand. Imagined or real barriers that may apply to an internal team are lifted. You gain access to professional insight on your brand from an outsider’s perspective. This helps you to understand the first impression your brand gives to someone who isn’t in your industry or on your team. 



Outsourcing is an excellent way to access top-shelf creative talent and strategies at a reasonable rate. You can choose specialists in their field; people who know the inside and out of the platforms and mediums you need for your brand. Content specialists are experienced in what has worked for other brands too. They also allow you to go beyond the skillset on your own team and produce a wider variety of content. Eclipse your competition by producing content of a better standard. Great content can make a growing SME look as big, reliable and competent as the market leaders. It’s a brilliant way to improve people’s perceptions of the brand. 


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